Product Liability

It is reasonable to expect that the products we purchase perform as expected. This includes the expectation that we not be harmed when using a product in accordance for the purpose for which they are intended. Unfortunately, products can be defective or can malfunction, causing grievous injury to the individual who is using them.

California Product Liability Lawyer

If you have suffered a serious injury due to unwittingly using a malfunctioning or defective product, you should contact a skilled product liability attorney as soon as possible. When you partner with the Law Offices of William Schott to litigate a personal injury case, you can receive financial compensation to help you pay for medical bills, cover the cost of lost wages, and ease the pain and suffering associated with a serious injury.

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Product Liability Attorney | Walnut Creek | Law Offices of William SchottA product does not even necessarily need to malfunction or be defective in order to cause a severe injury to its user. If the product that injured you did not feature adequate safety warnings about the hazards associated with its use and you were injured as a result, you can file a product liability lawsuit. This is also true if you were injured while using a piece of equipment that lacked mechanical guards to protect the user. This kind of design flaw is often overlooked until someone is hurt by it. In fact, when you file a product liability lawsuit against a manufacturer, you may be able to influence them to make changes in the product’s design, meaning that fewer people may be injured or killed in the future due to your having pursued justice through your products liability lawsuit. 

Sometimes there are other parties who can be held liable following an injury related to use of a product. The distributors, retailers, and even the advertisers associated with an injurious product may be liable for damages as well, depending on the circumstances of your case. Your product liability attorney can assist you in identifying all the entities who may be to blame for your injury and help ensure that you receive financial damages from them as well as from the manufacturer.

Types of Product Injuries

The types of products that have been targeted in product liability lawsuits are widely varied. Consumer products such as children’s toys and home appliances have been implicated in product liability lawsuits, as has construction equipment like ladders and saws. Motor vehicles are extremely deadly when they malfunction or are designed poorly. Medical devices (such as prosthetic limbs) and prescription drugs are less obvious examples of products that can cause grievous injury, but they injure or kill thousands of Americans every year. Obviously, the manufacturers of these products retain attorneys who are experienced and ruthless in court in defense of their employers. You deserve no less. Hire an aggressive products liability lawyer with a reputation for success in the courtroom. Schedule a consultation immediately and look forward to receiving financial justice for your personal injury.

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