Walnut Creek, CA Workers' Compensation Attorney

If you have suffered a serious injury in the workplace, you may want to consider working with an aggressive workers’ compensation insurance attorney to assist you with filing your claim. This is especially true if your injury is severe enough to warrant surgery or has the potential to keep you from returning to work for a substantial period of time. In such cases, retaining a workers’ compensation lawyer may be the best way to ensure that your claim is honored in a timely manner and that you are receiving the maximum benefits to which you are entitled under California state law. Please schedule a consultation with a workers’ comp attorney as soon as possible following your disabling workplace accident.

California Workers' Compensation Lawyer

California Workers' Compensation Lawyer

It is important to understand that when a new employee agrees to participate in the California workers’ compensation system, they are surrendering their right to sue their employer in the event of a injurious accident. This is true even if an employer’s negligence or recklessness somehow contributed to the likelihood of the injury. Workers’ compensation insurance was established to protect business owners from lawsuits on the one hand and to guarantee workers some modicum of financial stability following a serious workplace injury on the other.

Workers’ compensation insurance is supposed to cover both the full cost of medical bills related to an accident (including the cost of rehabilitation and continued care if necessary) and two-thirds of the cost of lost wages. However, an experienced workers’ compensation insurance attorney knows that claims examiners routinely act in bad faith by denying or delaying compensation, and that unscrupulous employers may attempt to defraud workers of due compensation once a claim is accepted. This happens far more often than you might expect, especially when a severe injury is involved. At the Law Offices of William Schott, we know how to hold employers and claims examiners accountable under California state law and keep them from denying or appropriating funds that should be going to an injured worker.

Third Party Liability

Although employers enjoy immunity from civil suits due to the workers' compensation insurance system, third parties such as manufacturers of equipment or negligent drivers who are responsible for accidents that occur on company time are not. These entities can be held liable if their carelessness or willful misconduct played a part in causing your injury. This means that if your workers' compensation claim fails to cover all the medical expenses or other costs associated with your injury, you can seek further damages from these third parties. Many workers may not even realize that a third party lawsuit is an option for them!

Our Mission is to Help You

Regardless of what assumptions you may have about who is responsible for your accident and what legal avenues are open to you, it is highly recommended that you speak with us immediately after you seek medical attention for your workplace injury. We don't get paid unless you are successful in having your claim accepted, and even then you may be surprised at how affordable their services can be.

Where can you turn for help?

If you've been injured at work, you need to know where to turn next. The Law Offices of William Schott can represent you when you need guidance in the Walnut Creek, CA area. When seeking workers' compensation, we:

  • Meet with the client to discuss their situation
  • Explore the options available to the client
  • Work diligently on the client's behalf

An attorney will help you understand your options and assist you throughout the legal process. With us by your side, you get answers to all your questions about workers' compensation. Reach out to an attorney today about your situation.