Premises Liability

Have you been injured in a slip and fall accident on another person’s property? Slip and fall accidents are part of a larger area of personal injury law called premises liability. Premises liability cases arise when a property owner is negligent in addressing what is referred to as a “dangerous condition” on the property. A dangerous condition could be a broken step, a vicious dog, or the presence of asbestos. When you partner with a skilled California premises liability attorney, we can assist you in receiving the maximum damages to which you are entitled under state law for your injury.

California Premises Liability Lawyer

If you have sustained a significant injury as a result of a slip and fall incident or any other accident that occurred on someone else’s property due to the property owner’s carelessness, call the Law Offices of William Schott to move forward with your case and get the financial compensation you deserve. Awarded damages can be used to pay for medical bills, cover lost wages, and to compensate you for the pain and suffering associated with your injury.

Let Our Experience Help You

Premises Liability Attorney | Walnut Creek | Law Offices of William SchottA successful premises liability case hinges on the property owner’s unreasonable negligence. In order for such a case to have merit, you and your premises liability lawyer will have to demonstrate that the property owner exhibited unreasonable carelessness in creating or permitting a dangerous condition on the property. Some premises liability cases fail because it is not reasonable to expect that the property owner should have or could have addressed the dangerous condition before the accident occurred. Imagine that you are shopping  in a convenience store when you slip on a puddle of spilled soda and fall, breaking your ankle. Will your premises liability case have merit? This depends, for instance, on how long the puddle was on the floor prior to your accident. If another customer had spilled the soda in the aisle only thirty seconds before you slipped and fell, it is not reasonable to expect that the convenience store owner should have addressed the dangerous condition in that amount of time, even if they knew about it. If however, the spill had happened several hours earlier and the convenience store owner had known about it for most of this time, it is reasonable to assume that it would have been addressed in the meantime. we will evaluate your case to ascertain if the property owner was in fact unreasonably negligent in addressing the hazard that caused your injury.

Strength in the Courtroom

The defendant in a premises liability case will often try to argue that you, the plaintiff, are partly to blame for your accident. For instance, their legal team may argue that you were wearing slick shoes or under the influence of alcohol. If a jury decides that you are even partially responsible for your injury, the amount of damages you can receive can be significantly reduced. As a dedicated slip and fall lawyer, William Schott can assist you in telling the jury that you were not to blame for the accident, maximizing the amount of compensation you may ultimately receive.

Whether your injury is the result of a slip and fall incident, a dangerous instrumentality, sick building syndrome, or a dog bite, by contacting a California premises liability attorney about your case you stand a good chance of winning in court or persuading a property owner’s insurance company to agree to an out-of-court settlement. We will interview witnesses, consult experts, and collect evidence on your behalf in order to help you make your case before a jury and be justly compensated for your accident.

Schedule a consultation with an California premises liability lawyer as soon as possible. There is no extra charge for the peace of mind you will feel once you do so. Call (925) 934-5014 or fill out the contact form provided.

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